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Pokemon Masters Official Release Date Finally Revealed

Pokemon Masters Release Date
Written by Mr Ash

If we take around the population of this whole world, around 60-70% of the people all over the world are using smartphones every day in their daily life. And this percentage might increase in the upcoming years.

And among that 60-70 % more than 20% percent of people play the mobile game once a week and about 5% of the people play mobile games once a day and 2-3% of people play games every hour.

And most of the pokemon game fans actually fall out in this category for sure, because whether you know or not most of the youngsters who are using out the mobile devices were kind of like 90’s kids and most of them were actually the fans of Pokemon series.

This fact itself shows you how much crazy Pokemon Fans were there all over the world. And that the reason why the Niantic’s Pokemon Go was the biggest hit ever that has been imagined. Even though this is a game where you need to play outside more than 100 millions of people actually downloaded this game and still nearly 50 million active players are there for this game.

But one thing the pokemon games that has been ever released lack one thing, they aren’t able to give the touch of that old Pokemon Feeling, and that’s why the pokemon company has joined hands with the DeNA corporation to give a game that every pokemon fan will love for sure and it is none other than the Pokemon Masters.

So let’s jump straight down into the topic which you guys were very much interested to know, even though it was actually difficult for us get the exact release date of Pokemon Masters at first but finally now we have got the exact release date of the game now with us which you will find it out below.

Pokemon Masters Release Date

The release process for Pokemon masters has been officially started out on the month of June itself, like means the Pre-registration for the game has officially begun in the month of June and in the dame month itself the Beta version of the game has been released out in the Canada and Singapore region itself.

So its been more than two since the pre-registration for the game has started, and DeNa has announced another news that more than 5 million Pre-registration has been made out for Pokemon Masters Game till now within this short of span of time.

And to get the official release date of Pokemon Masters, we have contacted one of the officials of Pokemon Masters and they have informed us you can expect a release date on August 29th.

But there are chances that it may be delayed, August 29 is the date they have fixed for release by the manufacturers, so since the game is going to be launched soon, so get ready for playing the game on your devices.

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