About Us

So for all the Minecraft fans out here, who were expecting a place to find each and everything about Minecraft Earth, New Beginnings Minecraft is going out to be the perfect place for you.

I am CaptainSparklez, I am Mainly known for this game Minecraft And as Minecraft Earth is launching, So we planned to make this blog, I have been playing this game from my childhood itself, like when the game was released and playing it till now.

In this Blog, We will provide all kind of latest updates, Tips, Tricks, Strategies, News, Gossips & Upcoming Updates, Everything you need to know about Minecraft Earth.

So we have created out this blog especially because during the times I played, there is no place for me too find about game updates or news, and that’s why I have created Newbeginningsmc for you to know each every information about Minecraft Earth in one place.